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Parking lot weed control

Parking Lot weed control is one of the most common reasons customers require weed & vegetation management services. During April - October weeds run rampant unless controlled. Let us take control of your weeds!

Drive way need control

Like parking lots, drive ways need to have routine weed and vegetation management control. Drive ways left without weed & vegetation mangement are put at higher risk of harmful weeds and vegetation breaking through and cracking cement, concrete, and asphalt. This damage can quickly become a costly repair. Avoid the bill and call us today to manage all of your weeds and vegetation!

Aquatic Weed Control

The most common reason for aquatic weed control is the overgrowth of Algae. Although Algae is important for the aquatic environment it can over grow and cause an abundance of issues. Whether its private ponds being filled with algae and owners not being able to fish or swim or Algae killing fish and other life forms due to the removal of too much oxygen from the water. We offer 100% environmental friendly algae management options as well as the control of other aquatic weeds such as curly-leaf pondweed, leafy pondweed and duckweed. We can cover all of your aquatic weed control and vegetation management needs.

D.M. Taylor Weed _ Vegetation Spraying Figure

Don’t let weeds ruin your landscape! Contact D.M. Taylor Inc. to schedule a treatment today!