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During the summer and fall months irrigation is a key part of maintaining a healthy lush lawn. D.M. Taylor, Inc. can help with all your irrigation needs.


Whether it’s designing a new irrigation system to replace your old one or putting in your first irrigation system we can handle it all. There are many factors that go into the design and build of your irrigation system.

What we need to know

  • The area we need to irrigate.
  • The size of your lawn.
  • What type of grass are we dealing with?
  • What is the drainage like?
  • Do you already have a system in place?
  • Are all head and lines flowing and working properly?

In order to gather all this information we need to do a free irrigation inspection/estimate first. Our certified irrigation specialist will set up a meeting to go over the lawn and your irrigation needs. He will then give you an estimate for the install as well as some recommendations for maintenance programs which are imperative to make sure your system stays fully functional all season long.

Maintenance Programs

We offer a few basic programs. Each program focuses maintaining the health of your lawn with the help of the irrigation system we put into place or we maintain. We highly recommend maintenance programs to all of our customers. A irrigation system can start up in the spring and have no problems and then 2 weeks later heads are busted and your lawn is flooded. Or you can go all season long without any problems and then when it comes time to shut the system down your time clock is stuck and you can’t turn it off. Our programs help avoid all of those time consuming issues.

Here's what we offer

(Prices vary depending on yard size and package)


If you just need a repair done we can handle that too! We will come out and do a free inspection of the system and then evaluate what needs to be done. Prices on our repair only options vary depending on the yard size and problems needing to be repaired.

D.M. Taylor Irrigation Figure

Let us help you with all of your irrigation needs! Contact D.M. Taylor Inc. to schedule a free irrigation inspection/estimate today!