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D.M. Taylor, Inc. has been serving the Eastern Shore with high quality residential landscaping and turf management for Over 30 years. We are your environmental specialists.

Our turf management services can help keep your home lawn lush and weed free with our carefully designed 6-step fertilization program; see below for more information. We offer guaranteed results for a visibly greener and more weed-free lawn, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy lawn surrounding your home.

Our residential services include:


Step One

Crabgrass pre—emergent with fertilizer

Step two

Crabgrass pre—emergent with fertilizer

Step three

Broadleaf weed control treatment

Step four

Slow release nitrogen fertilizer treatment with chelated iron and micro-nutrients. Spot weed spray.

Step five

Fast and slow release nitrogen fertilizer with micro nutrients. Spot weed spray.

Step six

Heavy rate complete fertilizer with potassium.

Does your lawn look brown? Does it have dead spots? Do you have more weeds than grass? D.M. Taylor, Inc. can help! We can make your lawn lush and weed free! We understand that not every yard is the same, which is why we offer customized fertilization programs for each customer.

D.M. Taylor Fertilization Figure

With our free evaluation, we can let you know what your lawn needs to look healthy and green! Let our lawn care specialists evaluate your lawn! Contact D.M. Taylor, Inc. today!