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Out of the thousands of disease organisms around, some are bound to be on your property.

There are thousands of silent and unseen life forms lurking in your garden. The first hint of their presence might be a mysterious yellowing of your lawn, red or brown spots appearing on plant leaves or tumorous growths on the stems and trunk of a favorite shrub. There are over 50,000 different types of plant disease looking for a place to call home, and it’s almost certain that your lawn and landscape plants are hosts to some them.

The life cycles of all disease organisms are influenced by conditions in the environment. Temperature and moisture are probably the most important factors affecting plant disease. Although it’s not true of all diseases, many become most active when there’s plenty of rain, irrigation, or heavy dews and when temperatures are relatively mild.

Points to remember:


  1. It is important to keep an eye on your turf and plants to catch disease activity before serious damage occurs.
  2. There are diseases that attack virtually every type of plant.
  3. Non-parasitic diseases do not spread from plant to plant while parasitic diseases do.
  4. Diseases spread by water droplets splashing, foot traffic and even on the breeze.
  5. Although there are many fungicides for many diseases they often require repeated treatments to obtain good control


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