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D.M. Taylor, Inc. understands that with your busy schedule you rarely, if ever, have time to devote to the health care of your plants. But you're in luck - our forte is in plant health care.

Damage to your valuable landscape can happen at any time during the year, and before you know it you have to replace valuable plants, shrubs, and trees. This expensive problem can be avoided by taking care of your landscapes needs before you have a problem. Fertilization, insect and disease control, and anti-desiccants are all excellent ways to make sure that your landscape has the ways and means to thrive. We have developed year-round programs to take care of the needs of the specific trees, plants and shrubs on your property. D.M. Taylor, Inc. works closely with the Ag Extension Office and the chemical companies to ensure that we have the safest and most effective treatments available.

Our Plant Health Care Services Include:

  • Deep root feeding - we inject fertilizer into the plants root zone in late fall or spring to give it the nutrients it needs.
  • Systemic insect control - injected into the root zone, the shrub then uptakes the insecticide and will keep it in its vascular system for up to 8 months causing the insect to feed and then intake the insecticide as a result.
    Mychorrizae - a microbe that increases the root zone. Allows the plant to take up water / nutrients more effectively.
  • Anti-desiccant - winter winds and cold can dry your plants leaves and cause major damage. Using an anti-desiccant spray helps keep the moisture inside the plant and helps keep damage to a minimum.
  • Fungal controls - fungus affects a large variety of plants, shrubs and trees. Some fungi need several applications to ensure that damage is minimized.
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Our insect control treatments can help stop the destruction of your plants, trees, and shrubs. Contact D.M. Taylor, Inc. today for more info!